The end

I’m Ben, and I’m an introverted thinker.

I’m Sadie, and I’m a flamboyant wiggly worm.

We met a few years ago. One of those couples. Always snuggling.

Whilst having bizarre discussions about our wildly different perspectives.

We each plan for futures that the other finds incomprehensible.

Ben, why is this post called “the end”?

Hm? It’s the last post people read. Newest first, then back in time to the oldest. The end of the blog for new readers.

Begin with the end in mind, eh. Cool. I can manage that. And they all lived happily ever after. Except you know what happens next, we don’t. Wow.

Woof. I mean, yes. *wags tail*. Now, how do we style our text so the readers know who is writing?

Look for a way to edit the CSS.

Turns out that’s premium only. We’ll have to do this as custom HTML. Good thing we both know that. 🙂

Hm. I’m not a fan of changing the background colour. Can we try the fonts?

Sure. Lets see what it looks like…

I don’t think our readers want to see our entire creative process. Let’s just do this offline.

Me again? Oh, fine. So the story behind this blog, is that Ben wants to suss out European cities that we could live in, and I just wanna travel, cos I’m like that.

You may wonder why an introvert would be willing to uproot themselves for another city, let alone another country. Well, I’m not thrilled by the idea of disconnecting from friends and family like that, but every part of the world is changing, and I’m not too thrilled by the direction of my own country. I’m trying to improve things where I can, but if I’m not strong enough then I want a backup plan.

It seems a bit of an unhappy premise for what will hopefully be an exciting journey.

Perhaps. But I’m still looking forward to what it will teach me.